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Created as Executive Assets Corporation in 1990 in Irvine, California, TLC has been serving corporations and their leaders for 25 years. From the beginning, our mission has been to provide the most meaningful services possible to corporate leaders, high potential managers and their teams. TLC provides corporate coaching only...we do one thing and we do it very well.

Every decision we make... everything we do, from strategic planning to our daily activities... everything and everyone is guided by our values. They are not on our walls, nor on cards in our wallets. Rather, they beat strongly within our minds and our hearts. They are:

Integrity. In all things, we must remain true to our clients, our employees and their families, and to ourselves.
Service Excellence to our Corporate Clients. In all ways strive to exceed expectations. Deliver upon all commitments, regardless of the costs or efforts required. Through diversity, mirror our clients and our community.
Service Excellence to our Corporate Individual Clients. Fulfill all corporate commitments, while providing customized services ensuring optimal option availability to individual leaders. Always provide competitive advantages through implementation of the most meaningful services possible.
Honor our Associates. Provide all associates with equal opportunity, enlightened management, competitive income, long-term security opportunities and the balance to lead meaningful private lives.
Demonstrate; Don’t Declare. It is our actions, not our words that have the greatest meaning.
Communication. Provide clear, immediate, accurate and well-considered communication to clients and associates.
Support our Communities. Every TLC associate will contribute significantly to his/her community in a manner consistent with their feelings and beliefs.
Innovation. Find new and better ways to answer the needs of our clients, associates and communities.

We approach our work the old-fashioned way, as though we will each sign each piece when it’s completed. Our clients receive the most meaningful services possible. We unconditionally guarantee it!

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We serve corporations wishing to provide peerless, meaningful and compelling services for their leaders..
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