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“Did You See?” is our monthly publication designed to provide busy Southern California executives with articles TLC deems to be noteworthy. . . at no cost to the executive.

The articles come from Harvard Business Review, Leader to Leader, The Economist, Forbes, Business Week, Wilson Quarterly, Fast Company, Technology Review, Business Roundtable, MIT Sloan Management Review, Directorship, Directors and Boards, VitalSmarts, HR Magazine, Director’s Monthly and Business 2.0.

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Did You See? Newsletter

January 2017

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Welcome to TLC's monthly review of top articles for Southern California leaders with thoughts you can use...today! If you have trouble viewing this newsletter, utilize the convenient website link at the top of the newsletter banner to "view this email as a web page."

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Thought for the Month

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever."


Articles for the Month

Onboarding Isn’t Enough; Mark Byford, Michael D. Watkins, and Lena Triantiogiannis; Harvard Business Review; May-June; 2017. “Onboarding is an apt term for the way many companies support a leader’s transition, because not much more is involved than bringing the executive safely on deck.”

Mastering Strategy; David B. Yoffie, Michael A. Cusumano, and Martha E. Mangelsdorf; MIT Sloan Management Review; Winter; 2016. “The careers of superstar CEO’s Bill Gates, Andy Grove and Steve Jobs offer important lessons about how to become a better strategist.”

Game On; John Gillis, Jr.; Talent Economy; Spring; 2017. “Game mechanics play a large role in how humans consume and remember information. Here’s why companies should integrate games in their leadership development.”

Linear Thinking in a Nonlinear Workplace; Bart De Langhe, Stefano Puntoni, and Richard Larrick; Harvard Business Review; May-June; 2017.” Linear thinking leads managers to underestimate the benefits of small increases to high retention rates.”

How Workplace Fairness Effects Employee Commitment; Matthias Seifert, Joel Brockner, Emily C. Bianchi, and Henry Moon; MIT Sloan Management Review, Winter; 2016. “In high-trust environments, commitment to the organization wanes greatly when leaders fail to manage both procedures and outcomes fairly.”

The Athena Doctrine: Millennials Seek Feminine Values in Leadership; John Gerzema and Michael D’Antonio; Journal of Leadership Studies; 2017. “The best data available shows that young adults in America, and around the world, are more committed than their elders to ideals like equality and fairness.”

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TLC Coaching Testimonial

“Peter and The Leets Consortium proved extremely valuable with their services in the area of executive coaching. Never before have I witnessed such drastic positive transformation in character and management style, as I did when Peter began coaching a senior level executive in our organization. The proof came not from my perspective but from the overwhelming positive qualitative responses received by me from many individuals two to three layers under the executive. Not only was Peter successful in helping to create change in the person, but he was also great in keeping key stakeholders informed and involved in the process. Top notch execution backed up with top notch customer service!”

Vince Mikolay
Global Leadership & Organizational Development
Disney Consumer Products

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