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One of our core values is “Demonstrate; Don’t Declare.” We listen to each client’s unique needs, then work diligently and invest more to ensure client success...to ensure we exceed their expectations. Here’s a sample of what they are saying.

“Peter Leets is one of the top senior executive transition coaches in this part of the world.”

Sam Wolgemuth
past Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Freedom Communications


“Peter is an outstanding career coach, planner and entrepreneur, in addition to being a very supportive business partner. The words that come to mind when I think of Peter are “a class act.” I recommend Peter’s services without hesitation to anyone who needs a caring consultant who delivers results. ”

Ed Trainor
Former SVP/CIO
Paramount Pictures


“After three and a half years as President and CEO of Ruby’s Diner, I decided to resign and seek a new opportunity. Coupled with that decision, a friend recommended that I engage Peter to assist me in my career development. Initially, I was not very interested. I felt confident that with my sources and contacts in my industry; I could secure a good position. One that would provide me more of what I was missing in my current role. Fortunately, I did decide to work with Peter.

Reflecting back on my experience with the Leets Consortium is a pleasure, because the experience was so profound and life-changing.

I thought I knew a lot about networking and job hunting, but shortly after I started working with Peter, my eyes were opened to a new level of thinking.

In my initial visit with Peter, he shared the process he would take me through. He communicated clearly and carefully, demonstrating great empathic listening. We agreed to a meeting schedule and my journey began.

Peter took me through an exhaustive interview, gently prodding, never intruding, and allowing me to verbalize my hopes for the future, my successes and failures from the past and the reality of the present.

Peter also spent time with my wife at a luncheon, where he discussed the effect my career change would have on her and he developed an understanding of what I needed to provide for her in this process. That luncheon provided a tremendous source of comfort for my wife and gave us both insights into each others hopes and fears.

Peter recommended that I participate in several personality assessments including ones conducted by Dr. Joseph Fabricatore. After three hours of assessments, I spent an afternoon with Dr. Fabricatore where he interviewed me at length regarding many aspects of my life.

Several weeks later, Peter, Dr. Joe and I sat down and went through an extensive debrief where I experienced an epiphany. There are several things that occur in life that shape us into individuals; events or revelations that provide insight and new meaning to one’s path.

The result of this process was that I learned what would truly fulfill me in a job. I learned what motivates me, what turns me off. I understood why I had conflicts in the past and what I did to contribute to them. I learned that I can make better choices and what I truly valued in pursuit of my dreams.

The job I ultimately accepted was actually a secondary benefit. Making that decision was actually easy as I was now equipped with a better sense of self and a certainty of purpose with a clearer vision of how I could make my dreams a reality.

I learned to make a wise choice. I encourage you to make one now and work with Peter. Enjoy the journey.”

Fred LeFranc
Past President and COO
Ruby’s Diner


“I often think of Peter and his family, who I met 23 years ago. I can’t be more grateful for how he helped me and my family during a time of transition in my professional life. Peter will always be special in my life and a very significant influence in my career. I am forever grateful for his help.”

Bill McGowan
Chief Financial Officer, Emeritus
UC Davis Health System


“Dear Peter,

Before meeting you, my job search had yielded some opportunities, but nothing was panning out. I believe, I lost some of my focus and drive as the process is very grinding.

Your coaching, mentoring and network got me re-energized and focused. I know that my resume looked better, I was more upbeat at networking events and totally prepared for all interviews. You opened my eyes to possibilities and opportunities that I would have never thought of or chased. As you know, a few months ago, I accepted a position you introduced me to and all is going very well. If not for your efforts on my behalf, none of that would have happened.

If I can ever return the favor, or give a reference to anyone on your behalf, please ask. You have made such a positive impact on my career, I owe you one.

Thanks again!”

Lew Jaffe
CEO and President
Oxford Media
, Inc.

"From the moment I first spoke with Peter, I knew he would be a valuable coach during my career transition.  Peter listened to all my needs, concerns and worries regarding my transition.   I needed a person that could give me direction, coaching and accountability, but most of all I needed to know that someone was on my side -- Peter fit the bill.  He coaches with integrity, passion and purpose.  I believe that Peter Leets is a 'gift' you give yourself if you are in the midst of a significant transition or change."

Jackie Catena
Vice President of Center of Expertise, Management and OD
Sony Pictures Entertainment


“I so appreciate your help in making this decision and transition in my life. What you did that was most helpful was make me be clear about what I wanted, tell the truth about the California market, create some great contacts, offer creative options to consider, prepare for interviews with vignettes and most of all provide your own personal coaching. When I got the job with Moen, The Leets Consortium sent me flowers and my NYC firm sent me the final bill. It was such a dichotomy that I laughed out loud!”

Nancy E. Uridil
Past Senior Vice President, Global Quality Assurance
Estee Lauder Companies


“After nine years with ConAgra Foods, a senior management restructure led to the need for career transition services. I had already established a relationship with Peter Leets stemming from a successful executive coaching initiative, but I wanted to make an informed decision when selecting a transition service provider. As a result, I interviewed other organizations and even attended orientation activity to better understand their capabilities, process, facilities, and so on. What I found at these other organizations was more of a mass production feel to their services. From the class settings containing all different levels of people in transition, to cubicle or bullpen style office setups, I just didn’t walk away with a feeling that I’d have my individual needs met.

I made the decision to work with Peter. The Leets Consortium was 180 degrees from the other organizations. During our first meeting Peter, one on one, walked me through the process that we would custom tailor to my specific situation. I was given a key to the office, myoffice, with state of the art equipment and systems. I was introduced to Vice President, Wendi Hall, who was there to provide immediate support to me in the areas of research and administration. I was very confident I was in good hands, and that Peter and Wendi had a genuine interest in helping me reach a successful outcome.

Working with Peter was a profound experience. He has a unique ability to gently probe for insights that were very helpful in identifying deeper needs and aspirations. From there he quickly knew when certain opportunities were inconsistent with what I had communicated. He also asked questions to gain an understanding of how my wife and children were viewing the transition, their needs and fears. He suggested various ways to maintain the feeling of stability and security on the home front.

Peter is very well connected and made several introductions for me that will now be life-long associations and friendships. As importantly, Peter not only made those introductions, he taught me how to more effectively network to develop broad and meaningful relationships.

Through Peter’s guidance and wise counsel, I was able to secure a position with greater responsibility, compensation, and fulfillment than the one I had left. And more importantly, I learned life-long skills and now understand myself at a much higher level. I would encourage anyone in career transition to work with Peter. Your life will be changed for the better.”

Christopher E. Boyd
Past National Director
ConAgra Foods


“The real difference Peter and Wendi made in my process was the opportunity I ultimately accepted was brought to me by the Leets team. The lead, which was a high fit for me, came through their network, so ultimately my current assignment came directly through working with The Leets Consortium. Peter was very helpful to me in thinking through and developing a game plan around how to approach my next career step. He was able to bring professional resources and tools to bear in assisting me to do a self assessment. He was a good sounding board as I worked through the trade-offs and considerations in continuing to work for large organizations, versus doing something more entrepreneurial which would help me to better balance work-family. Wendi was terrific with providing administrative support. She was highly engaged with what I was trying to do and I could always count on her to help to complete whatever I needed, when I needed it.”

Dennis F. O’Brien
President, COO
Retail Products ConAgra Foods, Inc.


“The Leets Consortium combines a professional atmosphere and personalized approach to those in transition - extremely important attributes for me. Unlike other firms, Peter has intentionally kept the client base small. Peter is always available to meet with me and I receive his full attention. Another unique aspect is access to the office beyond "normal business hours" on a 24/7 basis which allows flexibility to meet my needs and schedule. I have also gotten sound advice and support on compiling my resume, networking into the community and company research assistance. As a result, working with the Leets Consortium and Peter has been very beneficial and a great experience.”

Steve Hull
Past Treasurer
Fluor Corporation


“I worked with Peter Leets to develop a marketing plan, something that I had not thought of doing. He really showed me why just shooting resumes around was just not going to get the job done. I landed a consulting job 8 miles from my home."

Chuck Halper
Past, Vice President, Service
Mitsubishi Motors North America

“I spent the last 10 years at an organization where I grew, developed, fit and had credibility within the company.  Never had I considered leaving but as often happens, my company relocated and I opted, for personal reasons, to remain in Southern California.   This was a transition which I didn’t anticipate would be difficult for me, although being very comfortable with my last employer; I had not developed the external network I needed.

Peter spent the extra time I needed to help me disconnect from my past employer, assess what I wanted for my next role and take the steps necessary to network and find my new role.  What he brought to the table for me was:

an external view of my local market so I understood what opportunities were out there for me,
the experience of having seen many executives go through the change I was experiencing, and
the patience and flexibility to ebb and flow with my struggles to get through the transition period.

With the help of The Leets Consortium and the personal service of Peter and his extensive network, I was introduced and accepted a role that will be challenging for me, with a quality company that met or exceeded many of my search objectives.

Peter, your efforts have helped keep my career growing and my family here in Southern California, I can’t thank you and your team enough!”

Rob Cook
Executive Director, Human Resources
Conexant Systems, Inc.


“I feel so fortunate to have met Peter Leets and his associates during my career transition. I noticed from the moment that I walked through their doors that his firm was different. I greatly appreciated the beauty of the artwork and his one on one warmth and professionalism. Having been focused on one company and one mission for so many years, I felt completely out of touch with what I wanted to do, what talents I could bring, what opportunities could help me realize my goals and what was going on in the local market. Peter walked patiently with me through the entire journey. I’m grateful to him for helping me realize the gift this time gave me. His search firm and corporate leader relationship’s helped me to find and land a marvelous opportunity. I feel incredibly blessed to have met him and his associates.”

Charles Lee
American Career College and West Coast University


“I have known Peter for 12 years and consider him a good friend. After leaving my last position, I turned to The Leets Consortium, not because of my relationship with Peter, but for the professional support that would be critical for a successful job search.

This was my second time in transition; so felt that I was familiar with the process. What was important to me was the one-on-one personalized support that Peter provided. I knew that I could count on Peter for honest and critical feedback and always very caring. In addition, Wendi Hall provided excellent administrative support that was very much appreciated.

I recommend The Leets Consortium enthusiastically.”

Douglas M. Slack
Past SVP, Field Operations
Venturi Staffing Partners


“TLC has been an outstanding partner that has assisted me evaluate my career options and coalesce my thoughts about what paths to pursue. They have made valuable introductions to members of the business community that have led to exciting opportunities that fit with my career aspirations.”

Larry Gennaro
Regional Vice President
Jams, Inc.


“When my position was eliminated through a corporate restructure, my company offered Peter as an outstanding source to assist me during my transition.  I'm thankful they did. 

TLC has outlined a comprehensive strategy to guide me through the thought process.  By asking the insightful questions, challenging me and providing invaluable guidance on next steps to consider, Peter clearly shows he cares and takes the time to know me and those most important in my life.  Wendi is always helpful.  TLC knows it is not about getting a job and continually helps me understand the impact of each course I consider and all aspects of my life.”

Tim Cronmiller
Past Director
The Orange County Register

“When a corporate restructure resulted in the loss of my executive position, the situation created havoc for me and my family. Peter Leets provided advice on how to develop my personal marketing plan and facilitated adding structure to the career transition process. More importantly, his insights into the human side of career transition helped me effectively communicate the process to my wife and children, reducing their anxieties.”

Tom Van Gilder
Past Vice President
Marie Calender's Pies


“I’m writing to tell you how greatly I appreciate the support, encouragement and invaluable direction you provided during my recent transition. Before you stepped in, my job search was best characterized as ‘unfocused’, and my resumé was a complete disaster. Under your patient, but necessarily focused, direction I learned how to rethink, organize, quantify and articulate my past experience which led to a resumé that was coherent and impactful. Your introduction to John led me to my new position as VP of Sales and Marketing for The Wentworth Company, and your lessons in networking serve me well in fulfilling my new role.”

Steve Peterson
Past Executive Vice President
Bernard Hodes Group

“The Leets Consortium combines professionalism with a personalized approach. In fact, to accommodate my schedule, Peter often met with me both before and after normal business hours. Their staff of professionals helped me to gain greater clarity and focus regarding my future career options. Peter provided helpful insights and feedback throughout the process. His networking advice and introductions to members of the business community were extremely valuable. I cannot recommend TLC highly enough. In fact now that I've landed, I will probably be calling on Peter from time to time for some coaching because I think he has great insight.”

Brian Cox
The Walt Disney Company


“Dear Peter and Chandra,

Thank you for your assistance, guidance and sometimes "cheer leading" that challenged me to look outside of my "being a teacher is all there is" box.

While I know that ACC contracted your services on my behalf, I always felt welcomed to your office as a friend and valued associate.”  

Debbi Bennett, ABOC, NCLC-AC
Certified Optician

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