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Executive Summary 

When given a choice, executives overwhelmingly select TLC. Why? Because no competing firm makes the investment necessary to provide these benefits:

Peter networks executives through associations and groups like Tech Coast Angels, often including as many as 100 personal introductions.

Primary executive consulting is performed by Peter Leets, an executive and entrepreneur who has achieved Fellow Manager designation from the Institute of Career Certification; has been a Board Member with the International Association of Career Management Professionals, and has assisted hundreds of executives since 1990.

Never greater than 9 to 1 executives to consultant ratio; ensures complete, immediate attention.

Never greater than 9 to 1 executives to administrator ratio, ensures needs are met at once.
Most research and all administration is completed by TLC associates.
Search Community management is orchestrated and implemented by TLC, providing faster, more targeted and more impactful results.
ExecuNet and RiteSite executive opportunity databases are available at no additional cost.
Access to Avention, providing global company/leadership information.
Appropriate offices equipped with state-of-the-art computers, printers and communication system.
Offices in prime locations in class A buildings with paid covered parking.
TLC assists with new position assimilation at no additional charge.

For these reasons, and many, many more our executives have a history of finding new positions in an average time of less than six months, while the vast majority report they are more satisfied with their new opportunities than the one they left.

Executive Career Transition Services

The Leets Consortium (TLC) helps your executives expand their life and career options by combining our appreciation of their unique needs, high-tech global reach and old-fashioned individual collaboration.

Our focus remains unchanged since 1990. Senior leaders receive executive services provided by a unique team of experts – a consortium – who are selected to provide maximum leverage while freeing executives to do the things only they can do. We maintain the lowest ratio of career transition clients to ensure personalized and responsive services.

We invite you to visit us and assess our capabilities. Until we meet, here are highlights of our executive career transition services.

Administrative Support To Which They Are Accustomed
Our Administrative Staff provides personal, immediate administrative response and extensive computer-based research with responsibility for no more than 10 executives receiving our services concurrently.
ExecuNet, RiteSite and other executive opportunity databases are available at no additional charge.
ACT contact management database is available free to assist with organizing their search, including any training needed to make the most of this unique tool.
Their Executive Coach
Peter Leets is the primary coach for all TLC executive career transition clients. He provides unlimited personal consulting, and is available to give supportive services to family members if needed.
He has achieved “Fellow Manager” designation from the Institute of Career Certification; has been a board member with the International Association of Career Management Professionals; and has assisted hundreds of executives since 1990.
Peter assists with understanding personal needs, identifying and evaluating objectives, neutralizing potentially negative references, building a comprehensive marketing plan, developing and refining presentation skills, marshalling the specific resources executives may need to wage a successful search campaign, understanding how to establish value during the interview process, and then evaluating and negotiating multiple offers.
TLC has a wide range of assessments available. When requested we routinely use the California Personality Inventory and its Coaching Report for Leaders, developed in conjunction with the Center for Creative Leadership. It provides a rich reservoir of ideas and information as people work their way through the stages of a planned incremental change process. And, since it is atheoretical, it can be easily supplemented by, or integrated with, other assessment tools such as interview style, 360° feedback.
Peter has owned three businesses, successfully selling the two prior to TLC to public companies. Peter has also been president of the world’s most active M&A firm and was an officer of a Fortune 500 company.
He has been directly involved with corporate governance for almost two decades, serving on five company boards.
Their Advisory Board
Peter is complemented by a team of accomplished professionals who have demonstrated their competence repeatedly before being selected as TLC Advisors.
TLC connects executives to the search community selectively, yet completely. We make personal introductions to both the local regional retained search firms and to local representatives of the national and global firms. TLC’s internal staff, directed by Chandra Simms, assists with Internet resume’s and job lead postings, handles all aspects of letter campaigns that are congruent with geographic and position-specific objectives and gathers executive Internet job leads.
TLC offers corporate governance assistance for both the “director-to-be” and the experienced director. If they are an experienced director, we offer access to a rich blend of public board directors including Phil Matthews, Jack Shaw and others. When executives want directorship to be a part of their future, we can offer a director and educational roadmap for aspiring directors, including established relationships with Harvard and the UCLA certification program; help with the language of the boardroom, board expectations; due diligence and potential liabilities.
Assistance with all transition-related legal matters, including severance and employment agreements, business combination and purchase agreements, is available through our legal community relationships, including Richard Usher, Veronica Gray and Adam Karr.
Assistance exploring entrepreneurial opportunities, starting a business or buying a franchise, is provided by specialists, including Trey Johnson, Michelle Walters, Missy Stern and Vicki Dallas.

When financial assistance with 401(k) rollovers, estate planning, stock option exercise planning, etc., is needed we turn to Dan Koblin and Nella Webster.

For those wishing to explore early stage companies as a leader or investor, we offer access to Tech Coast Angels and Angel Strategies.
Enhancing Their Network Through Introductions To Ours
Peter, the advisors, and others often provide more than 50 personal introductions into our community, assisting executives to achieve their objectives much more effectively and efficiently.
New Position Assimilation
Our services do not end when they “land.” Peter and the advisors all stand ready to assist in any manner they deem meaningful during those critical first 100 days.
Important Service Highlights
Satisfaction is guaranteed... both theirs and yours.
Service continues until you both are satisfied with the outcome.
If they are separated during the first 12 months after you “land”, and do not receive executive career transition services from the new organization, TLC will provide additional services at no charge.
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