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One of our core values is “Demonstrate; Don’t Declare.” We listen to each client’s unique needs, then work diligently and invest more to ensure client success...to ensure we exceed their expectations. Here’s a sample of what they are saying.


"I'll start by saying that I find this program extremely effective. Jennifer is an extraordinary coach and a skilled facilitator of the discussion. The group format, while not exactly the one-on-one experience Green Street has had before with Leets, is surprisingly valuable.  I'll admit, I was skeptical at first regarding the group setting; however, it is comforting hearing that other people in different firms face similar managerial challenges that I do. Additionally, I've also had the opportunity to leverage off their collective experience.

I've been through two Green Street sponsored leadership training courses prior to this and they were much less meaningful compared to your program. The philosophy of the course fits with the culture of our firm and I feel we are getting a lot of value from this program. I am an advocate for this course inside Green Street (I have given this feedback to HR) and I hope we send many more of my colleagues to this program.

On a personal note, the program makes me more aware of what leadership is and what I bring to the table daily from that perspective. I think understanding this point is transformational.

Lastly, the beauty of this program is that my firm reaps the dividends from the course while I'm at the firm, while I, myself, individually benefit because these are skills that will last a lifetime. It's a win-win. Thank you."

Michael Kao
Managing Director, Technology
Green Street Advisors



“The Leader’s Leverage program is an excellent developmental tool for allowing one to move into positions with growing responsibility and complexity. Combining both personal leadership coaching along with the group learning sessions provided me with a deep knowledge about myself and how I can refine my leadership style for increased success. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to learn innovative and motivating approaches to take their team to the next level. This program is definitely a worthwhile investment!”

Jennifer Walker
Director of Customer Contact Centers
Southern California Gas Company


“My experience with the Leader’s Leverage program was amazing! Although I've always been a good performer, I enrolled in the program because I knew there were areas for me to improve on that would take me from steady performer to competitive talent. I didn't know what to expect and was ready to jump in. Jennifer created a safe, confidential and encouraging environment. The program included case work, presentations, cohort feedback and assessments. The learnings are transformational! Very quickly you see yourself differently in how you approach your work, how you lead and influence others. My confidence is better than ever and others see me as a resource of influence. I have no doubt I will continue on my path as a competitive talent. This program is a must to move you to excellence!”

Jennifer Ghurani
Senior Manager


“I believe some of the greatest value you get from a leadership development course comes from making time for self-reflection and developing skills and tools that you will use in your growth as a leader. The Leaders Leverage course provided both of these and much, much more. The 1:1 coaching with Jennifer forced me to closely focus on my own unique strengths, opportunities and personal growth. Through skill building exercises and real-world case studies, I was able to apply my personal learnings as well as gain feedback and different perspectives from a cohort of peers with diverse backgrounds and skillsets. I would recommend this program for anybody in a new leadership role or even current leaders that are looking to further hone their leadership skills.”

Gerald Turpin
Manager, Human Resources
Disney Consumer Products

“Participating in the Leader’s Leverage program has transformed my understanding of my organization. The program combines a variety of learning environments with a great mix of tools, including self-assessments, peer review, manager perspectives and case studies. Bringing it all together is Jennifer. She is uncannily perspective and highly effective in multiple roles – teacher, facilitator and coach – and knows how to guide participants as they develop strategies to improve their own performance. I left the program with a better understanding of my own style, and a solid framework for approaching and resolving future workplace and leadership challenges.”

Lee Papageorge
Senior Director, Litigation
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