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At last...the opportunity to provide high quality, impactful corporate coaching for a fraction of current coaching fees. TLC’s Leader’s Leverage combines customized individual learning with a challenging, supportive cohort environment. Every participant gains the skills, knowledge and confidence to take their leadership to the next level.

Program Overview and Elements
  • Available in public and single-corporation formats
  • Emphasis on comprehensive assessment, advancing skills, sustainable behavior change, real-world problem solving and practical solution building
  • Monthly one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Monthly 4-hour cohort meetings
  • Individual development plan
  • Manager Involvement
  • Relevant articles, books, tools, models, best practices and skill building “lecturettes”
  • Experiential learning, action learning and evidence-based coaching
  • Post Leader’s Leverage plan

Leader’s Leverage is a hybrid between individual coaching and advanced leadership development, providing the best of both worlds. Each cohort is facilitated by an accomplished corporate coach specializing in leadership development, team dynamics and organizational performance.

Leader’s Leverage 6-month format creates optimal opportunity for practical application and reinforcement of learning.

Cohort Coaching
Key Components

Through successful participation in Leader’s Leverage, managers will experience skill building through observation and practice in a group environment. They will also benefit from “Exponential Learning” through observation and peer coaching. And, depending on cohort population, they may increase their peer network, experience cross-functional ideas, experiences, and best best practice discussions.


Leader’s Leverage Outcomes

  • Gain an accurate picture of how they are perceived in the work place, along with their self perceptions
  • Develop a measurable development plan, including strategies to leverage strengths, mitigate risks and address potential derailers
  • Increase self awareness, emotional intelligence, advanced communication and influencing skills
  • Real-time learning through rigorous self reflection, peer feedback and coach assistance

Leader’s Leverage participants will receive more than 30 hours coaching, comprehensive assessment and best practice discussions with business leaders...helping them to become better leaders now...while raising their career ceilings.


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“...Jen helps leaders identify and break habits that hold them back. She worked with our executives to find their own authentic and effective styles. She was on-theground with us, identifying practical solutions and immediate actions to solve business challenges... She was fearless at guiding us through tackling difficult issues head-on... Jen’s direct and thoughtful style earned our confidence. She was sought out for coaching and counsel by leaders at all levels of the organization.”

Melodie Holden Founder & Former CEO Venture Strategies Innovations


“Jennifer played a significant role in my success as a talent manager and business strategist. Our work together has had a lasting impact on my planning and problem-solving approach as a whole... Her immediate and intuitive grasp of my unique challenges was evident.”

Nicole Singer Consumer Affairs Manager
Red Bull North America


“Working with The Leets Consortium has been a very positive experience. Not only do we see meaningful career results in executives, we experience the highest level of professionalism and attention from Peter and his team.”

Donna Thiessen
Vice President,
Human Resources Allergan


“Jen is an expert in her field. She is a personable and highly-skilled coach, instructional designer and facilitator, and consultant who delivers high impact interventions to individual employees and groups. Jennifer is specifically skilled in coaching leaders on how to deal with tough issues to get better business results.”

Felicia Zigman
Training Manager
Space Exploration Technologies

Coaching’s Return on Investment

  • According to Alastair Robertson, manager of Accenture’s worldwide leadership development practice, a large employer in the hospitality industry saved between $30.7 and $61.2 million by coaching its top 200 executives.

  • The Metrix Global Survey reveals that executive coaching can result in a 259% increase in executive retention. According to a 2001 study by the Corporate Leadership Council, leaders awarded “meeting with an executive coach” the fourth most important development opportunity.

  • At Capital One, direct reports of coached executives outperform the direct reports of non-coached executives indicating that coaching is contributing to strengthening the leadership and management skills of the workforce.

  • Safeway is introducing a coaching scheme for 900 middle managers after a development program for senior management led to reduced staff turnover and increased profits. Senior management credits the executive coaching program for helping to reduce turnover by 15%.

  • A survey of 800 business executives by the Open University Business School and NOP Consumer Market Research found that 74% of the respondents believe that executive coaching reduces turnover by encouraging a more motivated workforce.

  • According to a study of senior-level executives at Fortune 1000 companies who received developmental coaching, the average return from the program was nearly 5-7 times the initial investment.
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