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The International Journal of Coaching in Organizations (IJCO) welcomes professional coaches and coaching clients to a forum focused on the disciplined practice of coaching within organizations.





Promise Vs. Results

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Executive Summary

Highlights of The Leets Consortium’s Peerless Coaching Services include:

  • Unique, global coach selection system, ensuring optimal ‘fit’.
  • Engagement management process driving objective achievement and minimizing unnecessary coachee stress.
  • Superior coaches with demonstrated success for a decade or more.
  • Highly competitive pricing; prices have not been increased since 2007.
  • Our coaches coach more to successful outcome than against time.
  • Utilization of interview-style 360° assessment is standard.

During the last decade, the industry of coaching and the narrower segment of business coaching have both experienced rapid, almost explosive growth. When you think about it, don’t you encounter several people who introduce themselves as coaches every time you attend a networking event or party? Life coaches, spiritual coaches, financial coaches, relationship coaches, networking coaches, business coaches…coaches who do it all! Unfortunately, coaching’s current popularity, along with the ease of entry to become a “coach” have combined to precipitate very mixed results. On the one hand, the McKinsey studies conclude that coaching combined with performance feedback is among the most meaningful drivers of development. Further, the Corporate Leadership Council found in their leadership survey that executives ranked executive coaching ahead of any other formal developmental program. Yet, unfortunately, the “War for Talent” survey respondents evaluated only 35% of the coaching they receive as good-to-excellent. Why the disparity? Here’s how The Leets Consortium controls the variables to achieve all of the coaching objectives in 95% of our coaching engagements.

TLC Approach

Our Coaches. Most of our coaches have been successfully coaching corporate leaders for more than a decade. Their credentials include corporate leadership, advanced degrees, coaching certification and significant testimonials. And their diversity offers the opportunity for alignment with most client requirements. As you might guess, we compensate our coaches at a higher level than other firms because that is what it takes to ensure our clients receive the best coaching results...the highest return on their investment.

Commitment. Our coaches are committed to, and focused upon, one thing: successful outcomes.

Communication. We believe in confidentiality in the coaching relationship.  We also feel it is critical to maintain scheduled, robust communication between the coach, manager and human resource executive.  To this end, we schedule monthly conversations to discuss progress against the developmental plan during the previous month and each person’s objectives with the person being coached for the coming month.  This is done with the coachee’s knowledge and approval and confidential items are not discussed.  Our method of sharing observations and coordinating activities through three lenses focuses and accelerates progress, while diminishing stress on the person being coached.

Contract. Important aspects of the relationship are agreed upon during the early meetings. The contract will include at least two monthly face-to-face meetings lasting 1½—2 hours each. These meetings are normally scheduled at least 90 days into the future, ensuring consistency with meetings, development, and timely outcomes.

Assessment. Leaders became leaders because of strengths like tenacity, intelligence, persuasiveness, ability to achieve objectives, self confidence and intuition. Those strengths cause them to repeat what has worked in the past until they are provided with specific, irrefutable behavioral-based information which clearly illustrates what stands between them and their objectives.  Once they accept this information, or feedback, they will employ their strengths and adjust their behaviors to remove the obstacles or grasp the opportunities. For these reasons, we employ an “interview style” 360° assessment, routinely talking with 8-15 colleagues. Depending upon the situation, we also employ many other assessments and, from time-to-time, an industrial psychologist.

Action Plan. More than anyone, leaders require plans centered upon specificity, measurability, detailed task completion dates and benchmarks. Our coaches help develop plans that, when implemented, become the detailed pathway to successful outcomes.

Embedding Change and Ensuring ContinuationAs the developmental plan objectives are achieved, the coach will provide methodologies specifically targeted at sustaining changed and/or learned behaviors. Additionally, the coach will provide follow-on conversations monthly for at least six months, helping to ensure long term success.

The TLC Advantage


TLC’s CEO, Peter Leets, and/or Anne Leets, COO, manages every project.

TLC’s Manager of Operations & Client Services, Heidi Martin, establishes conversations monthly with every coaching engagement coach, human capital partner and manager to ensure objective achievement and client satisfaction.
  Every TLC coaching engagement can close with our unique “blind” coaching satisfaction questionnaire.
  At TLC, we adapt to the unique needs of each client.
  TLC provides coaches globally in the same seamless manner.
  TLC Coaching is provided against successful outcomes; less against time.
  TLC will involve additional coaches when the plan suggests a unique talent is needed. 

Join countless other satisfied and successful corporations who have enjoyed the TLC Advantage and made the sound investment of trusting TLC for their executive coaching needs. Each and every one of us will partner with you to listen, understand your needs and objectives, help to define untapped potential, accelerate success and deliver the results your corporation seeks.


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