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Judy Issokson

Judy is an executive coach with The Leets Consortium, headquartered in Newport Beach, California. She works directly with executive teams, senior staff, and line managers facing diverse strategic business challenges such as unprecedented growth, dramatic market shifts, mergers and acquisitions, and developing the next generation of leaders. Her passion is to build people’s capacity to ask better questions—of themselves, their colleagues, and their organizations.

Judy has exceptional experience in working with diverse cultures in Canada, Central and South America, and with coaching American leaders to effectively manage business interests and relationships in these markets.

Prior to joining TLC, Judy has been an independent consultant focused on Leadership Development, Organizational Change, and Executive Coaching. Over the past twenty years, Judy worked in multiple industries with internal and external clients who were eager to align organizational structure to emerging business needs, improve global implementations, define improved strategies for effective transitions, and fine tune business integration processes. Her clients include Solectron Corporation, Quidel Corporation, Cardinal Health, FairIsaac, NetGear, Kaiser Permanente, Sun Microsystems, Agilent Technologies, Sempra Global, and the United Nations. Her professional work history includes various roles at Apple, Hewlett Packard, Sun Microsystems, and Agilent Technologies. In her spare time, she owned and operated a fine-dining restaurant.

Judy holds a Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Masters in Education from Northeastern University and a BS in English Education from Boston University. 


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